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    The Woman Angler & Adventurer — episode series

    EP. 234 Earth Day Celebration Revisited Series: Asian Carp

    EP. 234 Earth Day Celebration Revisited Series: Asian Carp

    This is the busiest few weeks of my schedule for this year so in order to continue bringing you amazing content I've decided to launch a new revisited episode series centered around the topic of conservation in honor of Earth Day!

    This week we're covering a super important topic for all of us anglers. That's the threat of Asian Carp and how they're destroying some of our greatest fisheries. Join me as I welcome Outdoor Public Affairs Communicator Gretchen Steele. Gretchen resides in Illinois and is super knowledgeable about all things Asian Carp, including one of the best solutions to help get on top of the issue, and that's eating them! Contrary to popular belief, Asian Carp and a very tasty white fish with just a hint of sweet. Not only that, but they're a super healthy fish to eat for nourishment!

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