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    The Woman Angler & Adventurer — High School Angling

    EP. 67 The Future of the Fishing Industry

    EP. 67 The Future of the Fishing Industry

    "Why Fishing Will Die If We Don't Fix This..." That's a hard-hitting title of a recent podcast episode by Salt Strong's Joe Simonds. If that's not an attention grabber, I'm not sure what is! Needless to say, it certainly grabbed mine. 

    In songwriting, there's a phenomenon we talk about where two writers in two totally different locations and even genres will grab the exact same clever idea for a song out of the ether at the same time and write two very similar songs. I'm not saying that's exactly what happened here, but as we were planning this series on the importance of introducing new anglers to the sport of fishing I noticed our friends over at Salt Strong were on a similar tack.

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