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    The Woman Angler & Adventurer — national geographic

    Ep. 50 Wicked Tuna Star Angelica Marciano

    Ep. 50 Wicked Tuna Star Angelica Marciano

    Do you watch National Geographic's hit series Wicked Tuna? If you do, you've likely been "lured in" by the reality series that follows a group of Gloucester Massachusetts die-hard anglers going after the monstrous and elusive bluefin tuna. You find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat while the captains and their shipmates engage in epic battles trying to boat these beasts that bring large paydays which they need to keep their families afloat season after season.

    One of these shipmates is Angelica Marciano, daughter of Captain Dave Marciano of the FV-Hard Merchandise and now the FV-Falcon. Angelica joined her father and her brother Joe on Season 7 of Wicked Tuna. It's a family affair for the Marcianos, even mother Nancy gets in on the action from time-to-time.

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