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    The Woman Angler & Adventurer — Southwest Florida

    EP. 172 Reel Talk Radio with Captain Debbie Hanson

    EP. 172 Reel Talk Radio with Captain Debbie Hanson

    This week we have a special episode of The Woman Angler & Adventurer podcast. I was recently an in studio guest on Reel Talk Radio ESPN 99.3 in Southwest Florida hosted by Captain Debbie Hanson. They were kind enough to let me share clips from the show on the podcast so all of you can check it out if you missed it.

    Debbie and I had so much fun catching up. We also had some really cool call ins including Amy Lockhart from Lady Vets Fishing and Betty Bauman from Ladies, Let's Go Fishing! Amy will be a guest on an upcoming episode so you can hear her full story and I've wanted to have Betty on the show for some time, so this works out great. You're going to hear all the latest goings on with the Ladies, Let's Go Fishing organization. 

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