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    EP. 84 Confessions of a Mansplainer

    EP. 84 Confessions of a Mansplainer
    I have been working in the fishing industry for many years and about once a month I  get a message or an email asking my opinion on the wording of something, a photograph or if I think a post could post be offensive. Most time's it is well-meaning guys who want to be doing the right thing and occasionally is a Women who is upset about something.  

    Well I recently received a call from a long-time acquaintance, Lyubaka, who is an avid angler and a You Tuber (lyubakavideo). He preceded to tell me that he recently was invited to go fishing by a woman from Kanas. His truck driving job allows him to travel and he always packs a fishing rod and hopes to wet a line. His paths crossed with a gal, and he joined her to fish her spot for catfish.

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