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    The Resilience Collection

    The Resilience Collection

    We've called this collection "The Resilience Collection" because that's exactly what it represents. These truly unique pieces were handcrafted by a woman who embodies the definition of the word. Margie (pictured above right) is an artisan and is from from Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. She survived hurricane Maria. A former insurance coder, she had to find a way to support her family as the company she worked for never reopened after the hurricane. She decided to go back to her skills of jewelry marking to support her family. Using her resourcefulness, she's been able to craft magnificent pieces from seeds, trees, flowers, bark, sea glass, seashells and, of course, fish scales along with other indigenous natural items found in the area.

    Global Girl Shannon Rizzo (pictured above left) is working to be a micro financier of women recreating themselves like Margie. We have decided to team up on this mission helping Margie and get her beautiful fish-related creations into the hands of our Woman Angler & Adventurer family as we know you will enjoy!

    Help support another women adventurer of the truest spirit- survival without a handout. Plus fish scales are sexy!

    Use coupon code FishOn at check out to get free USPS First Class shipping!