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    Welcome to The Woman Angler & Adventurer podcast! I'm your host Angie Scott. 

    Have you ever picked up the latest catalog from your favorite outdoors store to find only images of, and products targeted only for men?

    Have you ever gone to a seminar to learn something new but walked away feeling lost & confused?

    Have you ever wanted to join a fishing club but felt intimidated because there weren’t any other women involved?

    I have too!

    You just want to be seen, heard, and understood.

    That's why I created The Woman Angler & Adventurer podcast. I want to share YOUR stories and show the industry that women need to be taken seriously.

    It's become more than just a podcast. It's a growing community of like-minded women supporting each other through our Facebook group. It's turning into a movement and the industry IS taking notice!

    I believe:

    • Women deserve to be better represented in the fishing and outdoors industry.
    • We're better together.
    • If she can do it, you can do it.
    • We should enjoy the outdoors 5 days and work 2.
    • Always leave it better than you found it.
    • America is beautiful. Let's restore what's been lost and improve what hasn't.
    • Respect the fish.
    Come be a part of the movement! Here are 3 simple ways you can support the show!

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